Our mission is to offer skin care products and treatments that will help you discover truly healthy skin and encourage you to find your own sense of well-being.

SUNDÃRI is a collection of Ayurveda inspired luxury skin care products suited to meet the needs of contemporary women. SUNDÃRI skin care was created by three women, Ayla Hussain, Cavan Mahony and Christy Turlington, each contributing their own specific expertise and passion for holistic skin care. Ayurveda, acknowledged as the oldest medical science in India, is a 5000 year old science of life advocating a methodology that seeks to establish one’s holistic balance. Ayurveda teaches that the balancing of mind, body and spirit will ultimately lead to peace, harmony and lasting beauty. SUNDÃRI embodies the principles of this Indian philosophy by pairing the purest botanicals with the application of the safest and most effective technology to create the SUNDÃRI product and treatment line.


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Sundari LLC
7755 Center Avenue, Suite 610
Huntington Beach, CA 92647


EAR: Obelis s.a.
Bd. Général Wahis 53
1030 Brussels

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