Stimuli to Skin – Doors to Harmony

Human touch and varying degrees and types of pressure provide stimuli which enrich the early development of the locomotor and the nervous system. Research has shown that deprivation of touch and grooming leads to retarded growth of the brain.

All over the world, touch and pressure have been creatively combined as stimuli to skin and the underlying ligaments, muscles and bones. Experts in massage can induce diverse somato-psychic effects. Besides anti-stress and tranquilizing effects, other beneficial effects on cognition, perceptual acuity and skills have also been demonstrated. The harmonious and dynamic balance of the mind and the body induced by touch – Shiatsu, Indian massage (Abhyanga), etc is indeed worth experiencing at the hands of an expert at spas.

In Ayurveda, this dimension has been well thought of by the regimens of sun-bath, massage with oils and special powders. Much research is awaited to understand the harmonizing effects of these modalities via psychoneuroimmunological mechanisms. SUNDÃRI scientists are currently engaged in such a research endeavor.


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