What Unbalances Everyone’s Vata Dosha?

It is very common to have Vata dosha out of balance. Most aspects of modern living cause imbalance of Vata energy, be they things that affect out body, mind or spirit. Here are some things that might be causing the challenges associated with Vata imbalance. You could check if any of these apply to you –

Physical Level

  • not getting enough rest
  • not getting enough supportive loving touch
  • skipping meals or not eating well
  • eating on the run
  • forgetting to drink plenty of water
  • drinking iced drinks and sodas
  • traveling a lot (esp. air travel and change of time zone)
  • running around too much, doing long commutes
  • exercising excessively
  • living in places that have dry or very changeable climates
  • living in cold winter weather
  • sitting in cold draughty places or in air conditioning
  • working where there is a lot of electrical smog or noise
  • making a lot of long distance phone calls
  • having a period or giving birth
  • experiencing gassy indigestion
  • working rotating shifts or doing night work
  • refusing to use moisturizer, lotion or body oil
  • recovering from surgery
  • in intense pain

Mental Level

  • worried or fearful (especially about changes)
  • avoiding sensible routines
  • hurried and not having time for self
  • having to respond to a great variety of demands
  • going through changes, even positive ones
  • feeling unsupported
  • needing deeper relationships

Spiritual Level

Feeling that...

  • my deepest beliefs and values are being questioned
  • I am no longer sure who I am
  • I don't feel I have the space to express myself
  • I am out of touch with my body and inner being

Suggestions To Help Balance Vata Dosha:

These suggestions sound almost too simple but when Vata dosha is unbalanced it is very often the things that seem simple and obvious that somehow get forgotten. These are very basic suggestions that really do a make difference. These are helpful for relief of all Vata problems especially those related to the skin.

  • Get regular rest before 10p.m.
  • Keep warm and cosy
  • Eat regular, balanced, cooked meals
  • Eat at home as much as possible
  • Give yourself or get a warm oil massage and warm bath
  • Take quiet time for yourself
  • Drink warm/room temperature drinks only
  • Avoid caffeine, cigarettes and liquor
  • Try and keep a routine of nurturing activities


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